December 2022 Photos

As a distraction from peeling sprouts, I’ve managed to catch up with the recent batch of photos sent in for the Photo Gallery. There are some festive delights such as Dave Grant’s Kingfisher pushed down to the coast by the cold snap. Bruce Kerr got a stunning close-up of the obliging Snow Bunting at Stevenston Point which was also the location for David Lynn’s great duo of Long-tailed Duck and Little Gull.  Bob Ross’s lovely picture of a male Eider proves that you just can’t have too much colour.

As usual, the above are just a taste of what has been added and are merely the Editor’s pick while enforcing the rules (e.g. an ex Recorder of this county tried to sneak in some great Red Kite pictures but they were not taken in Ayrshire – so no joy – harsh but fair, I’m sure you’ll agree!).

My thanks to Dave Grant, Angus Hogg, Bruce Kerr, David Lynn and Bob Ross for sending their photos in.

Festive best wishes to you all and I hope Santa brings the new optics and bird guides you asked for.