Site Defaced

Recently some son-of-a-batchelor got into the Ayrshire Birding site and defaced the administration pages.  The only publicly visible sign of this was Google showing links from the site to dodgy pharmaceutical vendors.  Now, you may have visited this site in search of their products, but I’m afraid since they didn’t offer to share the profits with me we had to part company.  I’m afraid it wasn’t amicable: I’ve just trashed the old site and completely rebuilt it from backups with a clean installation.  Things are mostly back to normal but bear with me for the next week or so as I nail things down.  Fortunately the only “sensitive” information on the site are some photos that claim to be from Ayrshire but I suspect were taken in Galloway…

The whole thing has re-enforced two things:

  1. Always do backups
  2. Always do backups!!