Updates to the Ayrshire Species List

The Ayrshire Species List has been revised to bring it up-to-date with recent sightings and a few enhancements:

  • Each entry may have a coloured icon giving the trend in how this species is doing in the country. means things are looking good; means things are looking bad; no icon means there is no real change. This is a very rough, subjective indicator to give a quick gestalt of the species status in Ayrshire.
  • For those odd people who like sub-species, the list now has separate entries for the different races of species.
  • The status codes have been updated to reflect the current state: those that have been changed are highlighted in red.
  • The list is now arranged into the sort du jour favoured by the people with PhDs in Ornitholgical Taxonomy.  (Ed.: personally I think this regular reshuffle is just a way for these people to keep their jobs – it seems pretty unintuitive to me!)  This was a horrendous edit and I’m sure I’ve messed up somewhere so please let me know where and I’ll feign interest.
  • One thing that didn’t make it into the new table is the species’ BOU category.  (Angus added them, but the Editor’s decision is final.)
  • If these codes are of interest to you then I assume you already have the BOU web site on your favourites fo easy reference and don’t need them repeated here (especially as they keep changing).
  • This is a work-in-progress and we’d like your feedback.