The Stories behind the Photos

Angus Hogg has been having a wander down memory lane and is putting together a series of articles giving the stories behind some photos of the famous bird species seen in Ayrshire in years gone by. So far we have:

  1. Wilson’s Phalarope at New Cumnock 1978
  2. Yellow Wagtail at Bourtreehill mid 1970s
  3. Leach’s Storm Petrel, and the Girvan Police
  4. European Storm Petrels at Turnberry Point
  5. Eurasian Spoonbill at Hunterston in 1978
  6. Harlequin Ducks at Kennedy’s Pass in 1996
  7. Bewick’s Swans at Shewalton, 1978
  8. Green Sandpiper at Tarholm, 1975
Juvenile Wilson’s Phalarope at Knockshinnoch Lagoons,
7 September 1978  (© Angus Hogg)

These articles are just the latest in our growing set. Angus will hopefully find time to put together a few others, as I’d argue, no-one has more knowledge of birds in Ayrshire going back decades.