Improvements to the Site

The very observant may have noticed slight improvements I’ve made to the Ayrshire Birding website (well, the weather has been awful). Read on for the details.

  • In the Photo Gallery section the pages should now load a lot faster: this is because I now display proper thumbnails rather than the full image shrunk down. (The old approach was fine when we had smaller number of photos but our collection is now getting pretty big – roughly 2000 images!). Only when you click on the thumbnail is the full image downloaded to your browser. I’ve tweaked things so the thumbnail’s aspect ratio is now the same as the full image so they don’t look squashed.
  • The pop-up window that shows the full image now includes the caption as a footer. Previously the credits for the photo only appeared when you hovered your mouse over the thumbnail (this still happens). The new approach makes it much clearer who did the work and has the copyright.
  • I’ve fixed the Menu button when looking at the site on small devices (e.g. phones)
  • The Search box (in the right side menu) now does a search as you type (once you have 3 or more characters) and displays the results for you to click on. Much faster than the old search function.

Please let me know if you experience any “funnies” or have suggestions for improvements.