Winter 2019 Photos

A rainy afternoon at the end of Winter gives me an opportunity to deal with the large backlog of (non-Chough) photos kindly sent in for the Photo Gallery. In this short selection we start with Owls and Alan Brown’s superb photo of a Long-eared Owl at Hunterston that made his day, and a sequence of photos by Angus Hogg of Bogside’s aerobatic Short-eared Owls. Bruce Kerr did a great job of ensuring the crowds assembled at Stevenston for the release of an Ivory Gull didn’t spoil his photos. Dave Grant’s photo of a male Bullfinch gives a lovely wintry feel. Finally, Jamie McPike’s Kestrel is enjoying some late winter sunshine. Please go to the Photo Gallery to see all the other great pictures sent in.

My thanks go to Dave Grant, Angus Hogg, Bruce Kerr and Jamie McPike for their contributions.