Contents of 2012 Report

Ayrshire Bird Report

112 pages including 8 full-colour inner pages with 13 photographs; coloured photos within articles; 3 drawings.

  • Editorial by Fraser Simpson
  • Lady Isle, an important island in the conservation of the west of Scotland’s Herring Gull population by David Grant
  • The Kestrel in Ayrshire 2012 by Gordon Riddle
  • River Ayr Dippers – Breeding Details 2012 by Ian Todd
  • Systematic List compiled by Fraser Simpson
  • Recent Rarities & Scarcities in Ayrshire by Angus Hogg, Bruce Kerr, Tom Byars
  • Gazetteer of Sites in Ayrshire compiled by Fraser Simpson
  • Checklist of Ayrshire Birds compiled by Angus Hogg & Fraser Simpson