Buzzards Poisoned in Fullarton Woods

Bruce Kerr

The Troon Times are reporting poisoned rabbit carcasses being left in Fullarton Woods in Troon.  A woman’s dog was poisoned in the woods – the dog survived.  She found that the cause was dead rabbits laced with poison placed in trees.  Two buzzards have subsequently been found dead.  The police have launched an investigation.  If you should come across anything suspicious (not just in Fullarton) then do the following:

  • Note the location
  • If you have a camera take some pictures (close-up and contextual)
  • Don’t touch it or allow animals or children to come into contact
  • Inform the local police.
  • (Web-master: When caught the perpetrators (the politest word I can use) should be made to eat a big portion of poisoned rabbit stew. I’d happily post the resulting video.)