Cumnock Byways and Glenmuir

Location and Access

From the township of Logan (NS 59 20), just east of Cumnock off the A70, a 10-12km network of byways can be accessed which link the farms on the hills east of Cumnock with the A70 and A76 trunk routes. These quiet back roads, mainly single track, are ideal for birdwatching by bike but can be explored by car or on foot from Cumnock or Logan, both well served by buses. Please park with due consideration for other road users and farmers needing access to fields.

Surfaced minor roads. Be alert for passing vehicles. Scan from car.

Many quiet roads to explore.


The byways pass through diverse habitat. The high ground is largely developed and undeveloped pastureland but there is also a large area of moss between the crossing of Glenmuir Water and the A70. Many sections of road are bordered by mature stands of beech and other broadleaved trees and there are several patches of mixed woodland. The roads pass by or close to a number of working farms. Glenmuir is a narrow gorge, well foliated, with scrub, woodland and open ground. The whole area is on a migration flight path. The area is good for Fieldfare and Redwing in winter, and flocks of finches, though anything is possible on passage. Depending on the season, warblers, tits, Spotted Flycatcher, Common Whitethroat and other woodland and hedgerow birds are likely and the farms attract Swallow especially. Kestrel is a common raptor.