Summer Photos 2015

A nice collection of photos in this summer’s batch: we have the “Ah” factor in Angus’s line of Mute Swan cygnets (a joint county record holder for number of cygnets); we have a stunning rareity in his photos of the Red-necked Phalarope; and Robin Turner’s lovely picture of one of his garden residents – lucky chap! These and more are in the Photo Gallery. Obviously, the Red-necked Phalarope also gets an entry in our Ayrshire Rare Species List.

My thanks go to Angus Hogg and Robin Hunter for sending in photos for the Photo Gallery.

Spring Photos 2015

I’m applying editoral prerogative: this post is the last of the Doonfoot Black Redstart photos. While it was a stunning and obliging bird, only photos of it doing something special (such as playing the tuba) will get past from now on! However, we have more excellent photos for the Photo Gallery of other lovely birds instead, including the first of this year’s spring migrants. Here are a sample: see the Gallery for the whole set. We also have a photo for an entry for the Ayrshire Species List with Angus Hogg’s Yellow Wagtail (Blue-headed race).

My thanks go to Stephen Clarke, Dave Grant, Angus Hogg and Jamie McPike for sending in photos for the Photo Gallery.

Just Can’t Get Rid of Him…

After a short break while he ticked off yet more exotic foreign parts, Angus Hogg is back (was he ever away, Ed.?) as Assistant Recorder.  Basically he acts as the triage for all our bird records (oddly mine always seem to end up in his cylindrical filing system), checking them out, and then preparing them for the Bird Report.  He’s currently involved in the last great push to get the next issue out the door.  While he loves the paper-work side of things (shurely shome mistake, Ed.?) he’d much prefer to hear about birds so please send all sightings, records, notes, whatever to Angus at this address:

Winter Photos 2015

Winter birding can prove a bit of a challange with gale-force winds, ice, and horizontal rain. However, the latest batch of photos for the Photo Gallery show that there are still great opportunities – especially when something as nice and obliging as the Doonfoot Black Redstart show up! Here are a sample: see the Gallery for the whole set.

My thanks go to Dave Grant, Angus Hogg, Jamie, McPike, Ann Wood and me (!) for sending in photos for the Photo Gallery.

Crane Migration Trip

Ayrshire Birders Abroad are planning a ‘Crane Migration in Eastern Germany’ holiday from 2 to 12 October this year. During the autumn migration of 2013, over 60,000 common cranes were counted in the West Pomeranian National Park. The call of the cranes heralds a time of colour and excitement, especially during this mass migration south to Spain and North Africa. Please join us for what we believe to be one of the finest wildlife experiences we personally have ever witnessed.

Click here for the Introduction, Itinerary and Booking Form  .

Tony Scott

American Golden Plover

American and Europen Golden Plovers, © Dave Grant

American and Europen Golden Plovers, © Dave Grant

American Golden Plover. © Angus Hogg

American Golden Plover. © Angus Hogg

Making good use of dreich day Angus Hogg has written an article on the American Golden Plover that recently turned up at Maidens.  This highlights the points that helped ID the bird and is the second in his series on the importance of writing descriptions and submitting records.  This is the latest in a set of a longer articles you can read here.  My thanks to him and Dave Grant for sending in their photos.