Gull Research on Ailsa Craig

2016-08-16_11-12-52 2016-08-16_11-16-02The 15th of August edition of ITV’s Border Life programme features field work on Ailsa Craig by Dave Grant (birder of this parish) as part of his Ph.D research into anti-microbial resistance in gulls (I think I got that right).  The whole programme is interesting but you can skip to the exciting gull footage (Surely some mistake? – Ed.) at around the 4 minute mark.

Irvine Valley Trails Consultation

I am working as the Irvine Valley Trails Project Officer with a remit to develop and increase use of the 200km of paths in and around the Irvine Valley, and which link up to Whitelee Wind Farm and The River Ayr Way.  I would value your thoughts and comments on the current status of the network and its future development.

Could I ask that you complete this survey on the Irvine Valley Path Network. The survey has 10 questions, and there is a supporting document, that you may like to read. Please click the link below to get to the survey and the supporting document:

Irvine Valley Trails Consultation

Thank you

Steven Cole
Irvine Valley Trails Project Officer,
East Ayrshire Leisure

Spring Photos 2016

With the summer solstice almost upon us, it was time for me to deal with the backlog of photos sent in for the Photo Gallery. This includes some lovely photos of hard-to-see birds. Jamie McPike knows that to get passage migrants such as Dotterel and Ring Ouzel in Ayrshire involves climbing hills and his efforts brought results: his Ring Ouzel makes it onto the Ayrshire Species List. We all know how difficult it is to get a view, any view, of a Grasshopper Warbler, so Angus’s photo of the inside of its mouth shows what talent and patience can produce.

My thanks go to Dave Grant, Angus Hogg, Jamie McPike and Bob Ross for sending in photos for the Photo Gallery.

Ayrshire Bird Report 2013 Systematic List

ABR2013 Front Cover In a break from tradition, the Systematic List of the 2013 issue of the Ayrshire Bird Report is being published online here  first. For those of you who still like to read the ABR in dead-tree format, a printed version which will include several breeding reports and other information will be available towards the end of June. Details will be published here when I get them.

(BTW, don’t worry if the opened document claims to be from 2006 – Fraser hasn’t updated his Word document settings in a while!)

Winter Photos

Now that Spring is almost here it was time to clear the decks by publishing the photos people had sent in over the winter. As expected, the first-winter Glacous Gull at Troon got the gull-types excited. There are also nice pictures of commoner birds visiting gardens. Dave Grant’s photo of a Slavonian Grebe at Martnaham made it onto the Ayrshire Species List being the first photo for that species I’ve received.

My thanks go to Dave Grant, Angus Hogg and Bruce Kerr for sending in photos for the Photo Gallery.